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We offer a large variety of crystals and minerals. 72 stones make up our 6/$5 Tumble Stone Special. It’s a great way to start your collection for yourself or for your little one. We carry Cards, Candles, Incense, Sage, Salt Lamps and so much more. We also offer Sage Sprays as an alternative to burning sage, handmade by the owner, Theresa Fisher. These sprays are made with Love, Blessings, and Reiki infused Quartz Crystal to fill your sacred space with Love and Positive Energy !!

Workshops / Wellness Center / Crystals / Handmade Products

 Namaste Life Center is a place of resources for healing and spiritual development in a loving and supportive community. We offer classes and Spiritual Mediumship in our Holistic and Wellness Center. 

Namaste Life Center supports local small business women in the surrounding areas. We carry a selection of handmade items such as soaps, lotions, candles, jewelry, dream catchers, tarot and oracle bags and organic personal wellness items. 

Namaste Life Center supports all paths to the Divine.  

Spreading Love and Blessings to All! ~  Namaste


About Us

  Theresa and Dunkin ~ Owner


Namaste Life started with a little guy named Dunkin, my English bulldog, and the big question to the Universe: What is my purpose in life?

After having to quit my full time job because of stress and physical illness, I lost my long time canine companion Morgan, I was devastated. A couple of months later I was ready to fill the void and find a new puppy to love.  My husband gifted me my Dunkin. It was love at first sight, we rescued each other.

My little guy was being his playful self and jumped off the couch and hurt his leg.  X rays showed that he had double hip dysplasia. Upon speaking to the original owner, he offered to return the adoption fee and I could keep my baby boy as well!

Growing up practicing energy healing, I began to do Reiki on Dunkin. After just a few days he was healed!!  He didn’t need surgery!

With the returned money from Dunkin,

 I was then Spirit guided me to open a spiritual center.

With Prayer, Faith, and A lot of Love from my Family, my husband gifted me his space and helped me to expand my business.

I give Thanks to GOD every day for creating this opportunity in my life. Namaste has provided a place of Healing for me and others.  With each day I will continue to serve with Love and gratitude. ~Namaste


Namaste Life Center and Gift Shop Namaste Life Sage Spray


Namaste Life Smudge Sprays are Hand made using all natural Essential Oils, Organic sage leaves, and are accented with a Reiki charged clear quartz crystal in every bottle. 

Made With Love and Blessings by Theresa 

Discover The Little Gem In Medina

We're OPEN!!


Come on in we're Open!! or shop by Video Chat

Hello Namaste Family

We are so excited to announce that we are officially reopened. 

Our Temporary Hours will be Monday - Saturday 11-5 pm 

Closed Sunday. 

We will keep you posted on Classes and events. 

Thank you!! Namaste 



Re-Opening Tuesday May 12th

 Hello Friends

Thank you for your amazing support during a difficult time. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. 

You may notice some changes to our Gift shop. We will be expanding the retail shop into the gathering space

 to allow for social distancing.  We ask that we all be mindful of one another  and please follow the guidelines from the State of Ohio. 

  We look forward to seeing you soon!! 

Love and Light!!

Today at Namaste!

This Week at Namaste !!

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Space Rental

Wellness Room

Wellness Room

Wellness Room


Looking for a beautiful and relaxing space for you and your clients. 

Enjoy the benefits of crystal therapy with our Amethyst crystal BioMat 

Rooms are available 

Reading Room

Wellness Room

Wellness Room


Our meeting room is perfect for readings, consultations  and  small groups

 up to 4 -6 comfortably, 

​Rooms are available 

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